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Your biggest competitor is the status quo. If you lose new business to non 21st century security hardware solutions from legacy providers, it may be because of privacy concerns, non compliant offerings, particularly in those business sectors where security is a priority, such as government, healthcare and financial services.

Our RTC Cyber Security OS layer for any cloud implmentation is the way to go, offer a RTC SECURITY CLOUD PLATFORM AS A SERVICE  that provides secure Unified Communcation, IOT and Data encryption for your customers. Conversations over the internet, without private networks or additional configuration work, implemented in minutes per user and many hundreds of thousands of users can be added in the same day. ​ Opex not cap-ex and shared revenue are the new way of delivering a totally compliant solution which is tested against GDPR/NIS/ENISA guidelines. 

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We can package up a service that you can run and sell to partners and customers, this cloud solution is everything you need as a hosting partner to make your customers safe, it is the layer the cloud needs in the race to protect against cyber crime.

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