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‚ÄčShorter UM-Labs for linkedin.png"We work to protect your business from criminal Interference"

Adopting UM-Labs R&D 21st Century Innovation in Cyber Security will allow for true encrypted security on all  Real-Time Communications, inclusive of UC and Internet of Things (IOT) and provide integration across the entire business, with no added capital cost.  Purchase the service from one of our partners and gain a single authentication to protect 'Persona Management' on any smart mobile/tablet device . Unified  Communication applications such as Microsoft  Skype for Business/Skype/Cisco/Mitel/Unify/Avaya others are protected from a layer in either a Public, Private or Hybrid of Clouds. Fraud, DOS attacks  and hacking are rendered solved through a unique implmentation of encryption, attack protection on three levels, Network, Application and content of all UC and IOT applications. This will reduce all risk while enhancing the ROI for the business and being data protection compliant tested and approved means assured. 

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