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ccworld.jpgPeter Cox Inventor at UM-Labs R&D will be speaking at the Critical Communications World 2018 in May. 

IP networks are playing an increasingly important role in all forms of communication including real-time communication (RTC) services, voice, video,Instant Messaging and IOT. The fault tolerance and resilience functions built-in to the Internet Protocol make these networks an ideal choice for critical communications. IP based RTC services are now used in multiple sectors.​ This session shows how IP technology may be used to support critical communications services for closed user groups and for open access, including examples of systems implemented using UM Labs RTC Cyber Security UOS, multi-level protection in any cloud. Since the launch of SNITCH police have become aware of the need to have programs to combat call fraud and with attacks running at over 20 million per day, seems a crucial time. Join Peter Cox at the show.​

UM-Labs R&D together with Microfocus new logo.jpglaunch NHS Circle of Trust running on Azure NHS UK Cloud.  Innovation is required to protect the NHS from RTC Cyber Attacks and be compliant for Data In Transit against a back drop of GDPR and Legal Intercept. 

NHS  event pics.1.jpgAzure-310x260.pngNHS event pics.3.jpgFull NHS Diagram, Micro-focus and Azure UK and UM-Labs R&D.png 


UM-Labs R&D working to build new and innovative Inter-op archive for ECM video and voice with full call capture and legal intercept. This has been using advanced API 's set up in the OS and creating transparent inter-op, providing multi-level security across all RTC. The recently completed design work and development in collabration with partners, has shown existing legacy point solutions to be unable to reach the protection levels required in the new world of data protection and multi-level attack protection. Come hear us at TrusTech 2017.

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UM-Labs R&D will be at TrustTech providing a view of how different Real-Time Communications Cyber Security has to be in the 21st century to be compliant with data protection and the development of IP in a IOT world.  

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ATOS LOGO.png Partners with UM-Labs R&D to bring RTC Cyber Security advances in ENCYPTION.


Atos, through its technological brand Bull, announces Hoox for business, the first solution to offer secured communications across the entire communication chain: including smartphone, applications and infrastructure. Fully designed and maintained by Atos, Hoox for business ensures complete protection of confidential and strategic data for all professionals in the private and public sector. Secure communication is a growing industry concern and this solution enables individuals to communicate in a secure environment in compliance with current regulations.  And Through its technology brand Bull, Atos announces Hoox for mission, its new 4G/LTE communication solution for intervention forces. Hoox for mission is the first 4G solution in the world to ensure a level of security, confidentiality and resilience that meets the demands of response operations (by police and military forces) whilst still retaining the usability of a standard smartphone.



UM-Labs R&D in partnership with Cyber Exchange as the winner in the top 14 Cyber Security companies doing R&D in the UK and innovating across all Real-Time communications, will be presenting at various Department of International Trade events in Europe and elsewhere. InfoSecurity Europe (London 2017) was a chance to discuss how lost people are about GDPR compliance to do with RTC and how ENISA guidleines reflect that legacy technologies such as SBC's, standard firewall designs and Proxy servers are not intergrated to protect against RTC Cyber Attacks, therefore not GDPR compliant.

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Peter Cox inventor at UM-Labs R&D wins Champion award at ITSPA for the work on leading the 'SNITCH' call Fraud development, this is a milestone in the combat of $ 10.76 billion loss associated with international call fraud.

ITSPA Champion

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UM-labs R&D is chosen to represent Cyber Exchange at InfoSec in June 2017 as an innovation partner. Peter Cox seen as one of the 14 companies (far left).  

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Peter Cox deals with the issue of Legal Intercept and GDPR regulation in regards to protecting Real-Time Communications and the collaboration being done with ATOS Bull.

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Call Fraud momentum continues and the solution unfolds with a NEW Service from UM-Labs R&D and ITSPA called 'SNITCH'ITSPA_r2_c1.gif UM-Labs R&D collaborating to deliver the service and technology answers. Peter Cox inventor at UM-Labs R&D leads the way at Summit Convergence and  earlier at Osborne Clarke's offices in London Wall.

Peter at Osborne Clarke.jpg 

​​The UM Labs Real-Time UC Security Layer OS provides facilities which directly enable many of the operational measures in the ENISA guidelines and which support some of the organisational measures. The following campaign is one of many that shows how the UM Labs Cyber Security OS can be used to support the implementation of the ENISA guidelines.


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