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Advanced R&D in Real-Time communications covering all Unified Communications, Internet of Things and a multi- level compliant protection in an All in One stack, run as a layer OS across any cloud, either in a Private Cloud, Public Cloud or Hybrid. The service is provided through our partner network and offers the small medium enterprise an online and economic secure IPPBX functionality, SIP secure VOIP/Video/IM/Persona Management and the ability to manage BYOD issues when using Unified Communications.  Recent R&D provides IOT designed Cyber Security covering Network, application and content,  a 21st century design means using the tools required to deal with major cyber crime, but simplfy implmentation.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is transforming hardware-intensive legacy networks into fully programmable networks that can automatically sense and respond to changing workload requirements and facilitate business growth.  Provide the instantaneous, elastic connectivity that users expect and business demands. Speed application development and time to market, thus leverage your existing network hardware investment. This is the basis of the design layer we deliver today.

ECO System Security OS for any cloud.png 


Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is an architecture that breaks the various network functions into modules that can be virtualized. Those network functions run as independent software modules without requiring awareness of the underlying physical infrastructure and without proprietary dependencies on the other network functions.

In the past, most communications network functions (e.g., VoIP switches, Session Border Controllers, firewalls, media servers, deep packet inspection) were implemented as appliances, with tight integration between proprietary hardware and software from a single vendor. Scaling services involved deploying new hardware. Implementing redundancy required duplicating infrastructures.

UM-Labs advances in Enterprise Cyber Security technology, including faster general-purpose processors capable of processing demanding real-time tasks (such as media transcoding, for example), and advances in software (e.g. virtualization technology) makes it possible to implement network functions as software modules that can be quickly deployed (minutes, not months) and scaled over a virtualized cloud infrastructure.

All-In-One means just that and so that you do not have to engage a separate firewall for data, the service delivers this as part of the overall offering. Our designers are experts in designing and delivering Firewalls from past experience,  so we know what ticks.  

  • Multi-Level compliant with GDPR, HR 1770 and NIS Cyber Security for RTC

  • BYOD Persona security, new 21st century

  • SIP security for VOIP/Video/IM/Presence

  • Full Inter-op with presence for Microsoft Skype for business/Lync, Cisco, all SIP based offerings and compliant.

  • Replace all legacy firewalls, gateways for UC with the UM-Labs R&D Stack

  • Internet of Things across IPV4 and IPV6 transparently