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The UM Labs R&D Cyber Security OS in any cloud  is a SIP Security layer designed for enterprise, telecom cloud providers and hosted web service providers. The product can be implemented in the Cloud by hosting partners and supplied direct to Enterprise customers, either from private cloud or public. The platform is a unique design leaving legacy technology behind, it takes the delivery to a 21st century level, which includes enterprise specific features not found in any other products or services. The solution secures  SIP trunking from a simple connection .   All Private Cloud/Hybrid installations can be up in minutes for 100,000's of users via an image in your VMware or Hyper V cloud hosted installation.

VMware cross cloud with UM-Labs.png‚ÄčIf When your business uses Microsoft Skype for business/Lync and another IPPBX technology,  UM-labs will provide a seemless inter-operation between them and at the same time make all communications secure.  Presence and real-time aspects are delivered from the layer in the cloud.  The OS layer is tested and approved set against a back drop of increasingly tough Data protection regualtion across the globe. Tested over many POC's, Pen tests and these include top consultancy practices such as the Deliotte Red Team.