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Public Cloud implmentations are easy as setting up an image on any of the industry players, such as Amazon Web Services, Google(GCP), IBM Softlayer or Azure from Microsoft, it only takes a couple of hours to protect your entire business, remote or fixed in office. UM-Labs R&D RTC Cyber Security OS stack is the answer for 21st century fraud at a per user cost.

Deep integration with Azure provides additional IaaS benefits to Telecom Services providers offering 'Cyber Security as a Service' on demand.



Simple connections mean that when a SIP user agent (UA) on a network protected by a slave gateway is first activated, it will register with its nominated registrar. This registrar will be the master gateway. The UA will be configured so that all registration requests will be sent to the master gateway. The UA will use its local slave gateway as its default IP gateway. The slave gateway runs a transparent proxy so that all SIP messages are intercepted and processed before being forwarded to their final destination. The UM-Labs R&D implmentation layered Cyber Security OS provides a full RTC Cyber Security IaaS onto Amazon AWS, Google(GCP), Microsoft Azure and all public cloud suppliers delivered through our partners Marketplace.