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It is important to work with existing legacy investments made by corporate IT,UM-labs R&D has designed the Security Eco System to work with these IPPBX, Unified Communication applications, recognising the evolution that must occur and in this place the Cloud Cyber Security at the heart of Universal communications shift, thus protecting as we connect, any smart mobile device, Tablet, PC, computer server and as a result authenticated  ID for all users.


Lync Eco System security from UM-labs.png 

UM Labs have developed the Skype/Teams Connector as an option for their SIP Security Platform as a Service, the Skype/Teams Connector bridges the Lync and standard SIP worlds providing a fully functional UC and VOIP connection between Skype/Teams and any SIP based service or VoIP PBX. The Skype for Business/Lync/Teams connector implements a UM Labs copyrighted design.


As Microsoft Teams is about collaboration and extends to SIP Trunking to establish outside voice calling, UM-Labs replaces the need for SBC's, which are point solutions and to be compliant and secure require multi-level protection for all Data in Transit under GDPR.


Microsoft Teams RTC Secure-UM-Labs R&D.png 


The Skype Connector is a software module running in the UM Labs SIP Security Platform. Skype for Business.jpgUM Labs Skype/Lync Connector/Teams establishes the same grade of connection to a Skype for business server as a standard Microsoft Skype client. It can connect to either the Lync Front-end Server or Edge Server (depending on network topology). The connection is fully encrypted and authenticated. The Skype Connector also establishes authenticated and encrypted connections to the standard SIP Hosted Service or Enterprise PBX. The Skype Connector then relays all calls, Instant Messaging and presence information between the Skype and standard SIP systems.