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UM Labs and ITSPA (Internet Telephony Service Providers Association) are co-operating to provide a service that will use the UM-Labs RTC Cyber Security Innovations for the protection against the growing problem of call fraud.

London, 6th June 2017- InfoSecurity 2017 – UM-LABS R&D, a leader in RTC Cyber Security OS for Real- time communications(RTC) jointly announced today its partnership with ITSPA ((Internet Telephony Service Providers Association) to combat major international call fraud. Fraudulent calls are a growing problem particularly with the increasing number of IP based phone services and the growing installed base of Unified Communication (UC) services. The cost of a single fraud attack can exceed $150,000, with a global loss running at $10.76billion.

“Fraudulent activity is one of the many security threats facing IP based real-time communication services. The technology used in ‘SNITCH’ compliments our RTC Cybersecurity technology and provides a complete security package benefiting both services providers and enterprises” said Peter Cox- CEO and inventor at UM Labs R&D.

To control this growing problem, UM Labs R&D and ITSPA have launched ‘SNITCH’ (Suspicious Numbering in Telephony Call Handling) as a service for ITSPA Members and through UM-Labs R&D. ‘SNITCH’ is a real-time communications database, recording details of successful and attempted fraudulent calls and making that information available as a resource to detect and block fraudulent calls in networks, IPPBX systems and UC platforms. The information in the ‘SNITCH’ database includes details of attempted fraudulent calls on live systems and data collected by a number of global ‘honeypots’ designed to attract and detect fraudulent activity.

“‘SNITCH’ as a service is available only to ITSPA members from within the UK market. Call Fraud is now a huge problem and SNITCH provides our members with a valuable information source enabling them to detect and block fraudulent calls while protecting both their customers and their own bottom line” said David Cargill, ITSPA Operations Group Chair.

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About UM-Labs R&D Group

“UM-Labs work to protect your business from criminal Interference”

Cyber Security is the fastest growing challenge in today’s world of the Internet, everyday 24 hours a day there is a breach, a theft of data, listening on phone calls/video calls, messaging (IM) and even your location. Businesses have in the past tried to control attacks with outdated computing technics and this legacy is set against a back drop of keeping in with the status quo.

The thirst for internet content and the fast growing use of Cloud technology increases the volume of criminal cyber-attacks on Video chat, Internet phone calls, IM and location. Over 234 million people use these communication services in business every day, a 21st century solution is required to protect and manage; if not your business is at risk.

There are a number of factors which mean that traditional security technologies, such as those developed to protect email services and web sites, does not address the IoT aspects as we grow to use 50 billion connected devices which need security requirements.

UM-Labs are a creative and advanced R&D company with experts in compute security software design, smart mobile technology and cloud computing.

The cloud solution is a unique layer of real time security software. This protects and encrypts Internet communications across all of the cloud variants, it is easy to install and scales to thousands of users from one virtual server, compliant tested and certified customer reference sites in Europe and the US.

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About ITSPA – They began back in 2004, from a founding group of 12 members to a thriving trade association representing over 90 companies in this extremely dynamic industry that has significantly developed from its infancy. The membership is now a mixture of network operators, service providers, resellers, suppliers and consultants involved in a sector that is diversifying rapidly from just voice services to other innovative IP applications.

ITSPA’s key focus is to: Ensure their industry is fully represented and can lobby effectively on all regulatory and political developments and ensure an open and competitive communications sector is maintained.

Keep their members fully up to date and prepared for any regulatory or technical changes that are coming into force.

Develop best practice initiatives that help drive up standards and tackle any industry problems that are of benefit to the customers which they serve.

Maintain the leading industry thought leadership and networking forum, with events that help our members build their knowledge as well as their business contacts.

Develop valuable PR opportunities that promote the industry and help our members grow.

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