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UM Labs following on from the work on ‘Call Fraud’ with ‘SNITCH’ are co-operating to provide a service that will use the advanced UM-Labs RTC Cyber Security UOS, encrypting and protecting all Voice, Video and IM, Microfocus Retain (ECM) will encrypt the searchable archiving of the RTC, all running as a service on the Azure NHS Cloud.

Anfield, Liverpool 23rd January 2018- Healthcare Cybersecurity Conference – UM-LABS R&D, a leader in RTC Cyber Security OS for Real-time communications (RTC) jointly announced today its collaboration with Microfocus and Microsoft Azure to combat Real-Time Communications Cyber Crime and ECM archiving of Voice, Video and IM, running on the secure Azure NHS cloud.

“Fraudulent activity is rife in the internet and RTC is no exception, especially with everyone now using smart mobile devices (and or BYOD), Unified Communication platforms and discussing clinical personal data, these are now considered crucial to defend against with the new General Data Protection (GDPR) law identifying this specifically. The technology is fully integrated as a service and compliments our multi-level cloud native design and provides a complete security package benefiting all NHS Trusts” said Peter Cox- CEO and inventor at UM Labs R&D.

To control this growing problem, UM Labs R&D and Microfocus have integrated closely, achieving a real-time encrypted protection, intercept and archive of RTC. Azure NHS UK integrated closely with UM-Labs R&D UOS, and Microfocus Retain running in the cloud on Azure using the secure storage.

“The risk that GDPR will present to organizations when it takes effect in May 2018 will be significant, and having the ability to access, understand and control information of all types will be paramount to managing that risk,” said Joe Garber, vice president, Information Management and Governance at Microfocus. “The missing piece of content to be properly captured, processed, analysed, accessed and stored in the Information Management ecosphere is voice and audio communications. We’re thrilled to be tackling this growing problem with UM-LABS R&D.”

“Public sector and specifically the NHS after recent cyber-attacks need to manage/protect, intercept and archive the information exchanged in RTC sessions. Innovative technology from UM-Labs R&D running native on Azure IaaS, enables enterprises to have GDPR ready cyber protection on multi-levels
(Network, Application and Content) manage and archive all voice, video and IM data in real-time with full call/video/IM capture from the Azure NHS UK cloud service.

UM-Labs R&D have worked directly with Microsoft Azure Teams (Redmond) to align closely with Azure NSG, which makes implementation of cloud deployments running on Azure covering ‘RTC Cyber Security’, faster and easy to roll out for all Enterprise Customers.

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About UM-Labs R&D

“UM-Labs work to protect your business from criminal Interference”

Cyber Security is the fastest growing challenge in today’s world of the Internet, everyday 24 hours a day there is a breach, a theft of data, listening on phone calls/video calls, messaging (IM) and even your location. Businesses have in the past tried to control attacks with outdated computing technics and this legacy is set against a back drop of keeping in with the status quo.

The thirst for internet content and the fast-growing use of Cloud technology increases the volume of criminal cyber-attacks on Video chat, Internet phone calls, IM and location. Over 234 million people use these communication services in business every day, a 21st century solution is required to protect and manage; if not your business is at risk.

UM-Labs are a creative and advanced R&D company with experts in compute security software design, smart mobile technology and cloud computing.

The cloud solution is a unique layer of real time security software. This protects and encrypts Internet communications across all the cloud variants, it is easy to install and scales to thousands of users from one virtual server, compliant tested and certified customer reference sites in Europe and the US.

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