UM Labs

KPN and UM Labs R&D have partnered to deliver advanced cybersecurity for SIP based applications and services. The session initiation protocol (SIP) runs on IP networks and powers the next generation of real-time unified communications services. SIP is replacing ISDN as a method of connecting businesses to the global phone network.

Switching real-time communications services to IP networks has many benefits but as with all applications and services running over IP, providing effective security controls is critical. To ensure that its customers businesses are protected, KPN has launched Next Generation SIP Security (NGSS). NGSS utilises UM Labs R&D’ Unicus UOS technology to protect all connections into SIP based applications and services. UM Labs is a UK based R&D company specialising in cybersecurity for data-in-transit.

Real-Time Communications Cyber Security as a service run from any cloud, Public (Azure, AWS, GCP,IBM), Private (VM-Ware, KVM, Azure Stack) or hybrid from both.

The need for data protection is well understood and is reinforced by regulations such as GDPR. However, attention is focused on static information assets, information held in databases and processed by CRM systems and other applications. Data processing in most businesses involves communication, increasingly over IP networks. The European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) specifically include information transmission over all telephony systems, including IP based services in their definition of data processing. This means that the requirements of GDPR and other regulations apply equally to data-in-transit over those networks and to more traditional forms of data processing.

KPN’s launch of NGSS ensures that the Dutch business market has the services and tools needed to protect all forms for data processing and to safeguard the privacy of Dutch citizens.

Data in Transit -Tech UK brief 2019 Final