UM Labs

Today, looking at multi-level aspects of how to secure against real-time communication or compliant speak, data in transit attacks, the protection must work integrated and over these levels seamlessly. (Network, application and media.) Application traffic has to travel from a device to a cell tower to metro aggregation sites to regional aggregation sites and to the Internet before it can access resources running in anywhere. These network hops can result in latencies, holes in security as a SIP Plane for voice, video, IM and presence. This prevents developers from realizing the full potential of say new 5G to address low-latency use-cases but causes gaps which have high residual risk levels, which is exceedingly difficult to fix. What is unique about the UM-Labs R&D UOS platform, Unicustm is that in the cloud and potentially alongside native AWS Wavelength it has the ability to create an RTC Cyber Security EC2 instance directly within a telco provider’s network. This would be incredibly difficult, if not impossible, for Enterprises and ESN organisations. Imagine having to contact different telcos and asking for access to capacity in each of their 5G locations. UM-labs R&D together with Wavelength eliminates all this complexity and lets customers be secure and compliant and have the functionality they use today added with UNICUStm , to deliver-low latency multi-level compliant and tested cyber protection for data in transit at the edge of 5G networks around the world.