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that protects every day 21st century communications.

Cyber Criminals want data and protecting all data in transit is UM-Lab’s mission, security by design.

Research &

UM-Labs R&D has been set up to design and look to create a better way of protecting against real-time communication cybercrime.


The cyber security products developed for the first wave of Internet applications do not adequately protect IP based RTC services. These products can hamper the successful deployment of RTC.


The UM Labs innovation is about recognising that cyber-attack surfaces require multi-level controls to be coordinated. Unicus™ UOS protects with an artificial intelligence and delivers a machine learning integration of network, application, and content/media controls at all levels of the OSi model with feed-back between those levels.

UM-Labs are an unrivalled leader for RT Communications Cyber Security

As an R&D company the technology is sold and incorporated either as a total solution or part of an end to end compliant solution, which may include protection, intercept and archive allowing full compliance of data protection laws and other financial regulations.
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Internet of things

As the challenges of security for the internet of things stem from lower network protocols, lower CPU processing via censors and added to this, faster 5G networks/edge computing in any cloud, cybercrime attacks more now than ever across billions of devices. Connecting via standard Internet Protocols, UNICUStm UOS a hardened operating system extends an encrypted blanket for all data in transit, allowing LoRa networks and lower process censors in firmware to be fully secured.


SNITCH provides real-time intelligence on current fraud attacks on VoIP and UC systems. Information is gathered from a global network of Honeypots and from deployed Unicus systems. Unicus uses the SNITCH network to detect and block potentially fraudulent activity. The SNITCH database registers over 4 million new attacks per day.


To protect, intercept and archive all ‘Data in Transit’ over multi levels of the internet network/application/media.

News &

UM-Labs R&D gain funding from Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) and the Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) in collaboration to deliver SVSS cyber security for IOT/CCTV and Bodycam mission critical environments.

UM-Labs R&D, a UK based innovator in design and development for real-time communication data in transit cyber security, have been awarded funding through the Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) scheme with Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) to collaborate and help create ‘SVSS’ (steaming video security service), based on UNICUStm

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SNITCH Attack Intelligence   +++  305,862 attacks from, location Germany    +++  106,061 attacks from, location India    +++  73,419 attacks from, location Germany    +++  25,717 attacks from, location Ukraine    +++  19,380 attacks from, location India    +++  18,997 attacks from, location India    +++  13,124 attacks from, location India    +++  7,233 attacks from, location India  
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