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In the early 1990’s, the Internet revolution changed the way we communicate with the growth of Email and Web services. While these services delivered benefits, they also created new opportunities for malicious attacks. Email SPAM and attacks on Web sites quickly became significant problems. This triggered the emergence of a new cyber security industry, building firewalls and specialist web and email security products. The need for these products continues; protecting the services they were designed for.


Unicus, with the UOS hardened Operating System is the only integrated & effective defence against the threats facing RTC services.

Communication patterns have changed. Real-Time Communications (RTC) services moved to IP service delivery. IP based phone system are now found in virtually all major companies and IP is becoming the dominant service delivery mechanism with SIP trunks growing fast and all major service providers committed to switching from legacy technology to IP for all connections.

Add to this the benefit of using IP for remote connections to enable connectivity for remote and roaming users, then all RTC services, voice and video calls, Instant Messaging and Presence (tracking the availability of colleagues) migrate to the IP world.

Just as the growth of email and web lead to the development of new attacks and security threats, moving RTC to IP networks has had the same result. Without adequate security controls, IP based RTC systems (including IP-PBX from well-known vendors and the growing range of Unified Communications Services) are all open to attack. These attacks include denial of service (DoS) attacks, loss of confidential data and potentially expensive fraud attacks.

The cyber security products developed for the first wave of Internet applications do not adequately protect IP based RTC services. These products can hamper the successful deployment of RTC.

are Innovation

RTC services face threats at multiple levels, network, application and content. Effective security controls must address the threats at each level. The UM Labs innovation was to recognise that those controls must be coordinated. Unicus™ protects RTC with controls at all 3 levels with feed-back between those levels.

This means that threats detected at the application or content level can be blocked at the network level. The blocking action can even be pushed out to the network infrastructure blocking that threat as soon as possible.

The foundation of Unicus is UOS, the UM Labs hardened operating system. UOS provides a solid foundation for the layered security controls and ensures each deployment is secure against the latest threats.

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