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Peter Cox inventor and CEO at UM-Labs opens up on the work being done to secure across all IP, over multi-layers of all standards, securing against Quantum Computing attacks and having an ‘AI’ difference with LEM (large event model).

In this recent podcast and partnership with BT Innovation Martlesham (the UK Xerox Parc), UM-Labs R&D have discussed the width and breath of how Unicus© is secure by default using a PIA (protect, intercept, archive) policy by design, which allows the platform natively in any cloud and across all IP

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Unicus™ IoT

‘Secure by default’ with Cybersecurity for the Internet of Things, licence the innovation technology and build a service or embed in an EDGE device with the system on a chip toolkit sponsored by the UK DSTL. The Internet of Things, IoT, describes the use of IP networks to interconnect a

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UM-Labs Scientists engage with the IOT Security Foundation.

UM-Labs R&D considers that the work its scientists have completed and now built into a ‘by design’ data in transit cyber security defence operating system for real-time communications a revolutionary transition and has opened up research areas in the defence field of IP telecommunications with flexible and responsive technology that

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Command Management Data in Transit Cyber Defence

Tactical communications go further today by using wireless LTE/4G/5G and in the future 6G networks management and secure communications with new types of devices in surveillance and combat field operations. Key success factors of providing a Anytime, Anywhere, on Any IP Device capability is adopting a NEW native any cloud

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Public Security Exhibition (PSE) Finland October 2023

Public Security in NATO countries are taking security and defence more serious than ever. On top of public spending on defence and security, such as a border force, private partner organisations are also ramping up their security efforts. In the latest show and tell by UM-Labs R&D the expansion of

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Persona Management

‘Prime time, to grey time’ was a phrase coined by Bob Pike founder at UM-Labs R&D to describe the need to gain access to people across the 24 hour clock, whether at work or during their down-time, rang true for advertisers and business models, but it did not address the

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