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As an R&D company the technology is sold and incorporated either as a total solution or part of an end to end compliant solution, which may include protection, intercept and archive allowing full compliance of data protection laws and other financial regulations.

In the company are well established business, technologist and advanced designers, who all come from back grounds such as Borderware, Microsoft, i-Pass, to solve issues of our new every day communications security.

We deliver advanced innovative technology which deals with major issues of criminal activity and protect businesses large or small from Fraud, Disruption attacks and hacking attacks, but maintain service between users that can umbrella existing Real-Time communication platforms, Unified Communication services and fully inter-operational, so the protection is end to end.

The unique aspects of UM-Labs R&D is the real-time communication Cyber Security UOS (Unicus) layer implemented in any cloud platform, it defends Unified Communications when using voice over IP/SIP, Video/BYOD and all mobile/tablet devices, Internet of Things at IP level, all while making existing legacy UC Systems work together, thus protecting your existing investment.

The company markets the Unicus UOS platform to be run in a Private Cloud, Public Cloud or Hybrid which makes connecting VoIP/Video/BYOD/UC/IOT systems to the public internet easy and secure.

UM-Labs as a research centre has proven the technology and developed it based on the 21st century needs for cyber security, including Cloud deployment and mobile usage. Adopting UM-Labs Innovation in Security will allow for true integration across the business with single authentication in protection of Persona Management from a mobile device and protection of call fraud through encryption of all UC/SIP/VOIP/IM/IOT services such as the latest call fraud service SNITCH and this will reduce risk, while enhancing the ROI for the business.

“UM-Labs are an unrivalled leader in the 21st century for ‘real-Time Communications Cyber Security’ with an unrivalled array of founding talent and capabilities in Research and Development from major companies and all based on successful delivery of leading edge technology. As a team, we are focused on delivering the innovation our partners need in this highly disruptive and rapidly changing industry.”

Peter Cox, Chief Executive Officer

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We are are pioneers & leaders of security software services for real-time communications using any cloud computing. If you need robust security protection, let’s start a conversation.

SNITCH Attack Intelligence   +++  23,734,870 attacks from, location United States    +++  22,158,155 attacks from, location United States    +++  21,940,533 attacks from, location United States    +++  19,219,913 attacks from, location United States    +++  18,466,403 attacks from, location United States    +++  16,443,976 attacks from, location United States    +++  3,542,699 attacks from, location Netherlands    +++  1,090,917 attacks from, location Finland  
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