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The protocols driving Real-Time Communications are complex; this means that RTC applications and services are open to a wide range of attacks operating at multiple levels. Unicus combines the cyber defences needed into a single easy to install package.

Unicus is delivered as a complete package ready to install on any public or private cloud or in a corporate data centre. Unicus takes advantage of the resilience and load balancing facilities provided by the cloud enabling a highly scalable and resilient system to be installed, configured and fully operational very quickly.

Unicus UOS PaaS is a full end to end service designed to run across all Cloud computing virtualisation, SDN and NFV implementations initiated to provide effective Cyber Security protection for applications and services implemented using the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)- SIP is widely used for Real-Time Communications, Unified Communication Services and Data in Transit (as described in data protection regulation). SIP operates over IP networks.

Security, – Pen test, and proof-of-concept tests at have confirmed that the SIP Security technology delivers the required level of Cyber Security protection as requested by Enterprise End Users. This meets current regulatory requirements and can be installed rapidly in any Public Cloud or Private Cloud infrastructure with minimal impact on existing RTC and UC services.

Unicus UOS technology is delivered as self-contained software suitable to run in your Cloud suppliers chose and/or on Virtualised private cloud servicers. The self-contained software consists of a fully configured Virtual Machine (VM) on which the Unicus UOS is running. This VM can be deployed on various Cloud platforms (e.g. MS Azure, Amazon Web Service, Google, Softlayer, etc.) or on dedicated Private Cloud platform.

Where Customer premise deployment is required, the software is installed in a Private Cloud, on a suitable virtualization host or on standard server hardware.

Software deployments are activated by adding User license keys to XXXXXX PaaS Service platform running the Unicus UOS.

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