Case Studies

ATOS Group

The Atos Partnership has applied the UM-Labs Unicus UOS to deal with different RTC security needs in a cohesive structure that allows ATOS Hoox a fully secure smart mobile device to function against a cloud RTC secure service, labelled Hoox for Mission (Defence grade) and Hoox for Business (Enterprise compliant). Unicus is the Hoox Security Platform (HSP) and provides inter-operation with all SIP IPPBX, UC systems, plus inter-op between IPV4 and IPV6 communications.

Micro Focus / HPE

Today’s compliance spans multiple regulations and needs to archive significant amounts of new real-time communications, labelled data in transit for legal intercept, GDPR, NIS, MiFiDII,23 NYCRR 500, CCPA, Singapore Data Protection Act 2018 and others. UM-Labs Unicus UOS captures all RTC (Voice, Video, IM) communications as part of the protection and cyber-attack operation. Further enhance this with a close integration to Micro Focus Digital Safe archive solution, and the partnership delivers a top-grade encrypted end to end solution which meets all compliance needs and running across any cloud implementation. Protect, Intercept and archive provides the complete solution.

Microsoft Azure

UM-Labs R&D is part of the Microsoft OCP program working together to fully integrate the Unicus UOS native across all public and private Azure Clouds. The RTC Cyber Security layer allows customers of Azure to protect and interconnect all SIP based RTC via an umbrella service. As the work has been done with Microsoft Azure teams in Redmond, Unicus scales and utilises all aspects of Azure storage and other connectivity. Skype For Business and Teams can operate in conjunction with Azure via Unicus, which makes all SIP interconnection to other platforms secure and seamless. All mobile LTE and IP connections become fully secure and compliant.


UM-Labs R&D and KPN the Dutch national Telco have been collaborating together to provide a full ‘security as a service’ to their enterprise and SME customers, which allows for complete compliant RTC Cyber Security using Unicus UOS and provides for all SIP based communications and this offering is all that is needed to be GDPR Data in transit compliant, it will replace legacy security point solution products, today these are not multi-level for attack protection fully integrated for Network, Application and content in any cloud. The service is known as NGSS services (Next Generation SIP Security).


UM-Labs R&D is part of the Amazon Web Services Network partner program (APN) working to build all parts of UNICUStm UOS native into the AWS cloud. This approach has seen implementations increase data in transit security to an extremely high level, meeting multi-levels of PIA (protect, intercept, archive) policy and compliance across thousands of real-time users, globally. In this UM-Labs R&D have created a Global Discovery Data Base for SNITCH and sees over 2 billion IP incidents a month.

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SNITCH Attack Intelligence   +++  23,727,516 attacks from, location United States    +++  21,932,287 attacks from, location United States    +++  18,460,809 attacks from, location United States    +++  16,435,975 attacks from, location United States    +++  10,371,262 attacks from, location United States    +++  1,477,304 attacks from, location Germany    +++  1,090,882 attacks from, location Finland    +++  20,109 attacks from, location Norway  
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