Public Security in NATO countries are taking security and defence more serious than ever. On top of public spending on defence and security, such as a border force, private partner organisations are also ramping up their security efforts. In the latest show and tell by UM-Labs R&D the expansion of likeminded partners, and our industry links are closer and as UK R&D licence exporters will join DBT and ADS in Helsinki for a UK showcase and seminar. The event and seminar will have a heavy focus on Defence, Policing, Surveillance, Counter Drone and Surveillance. With an increasing demand for defence and security capabilities and future advanced technology designs that the Public Security Exhibition (PSE) in Finland (in collaboration with the British Embassy in Helsinki) shall demonstrate.  UM-Labs R&D will show how this can be deployed in partnership with Finland defence and police organisations.  Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) protection, including airports and rail, particularly perimeter security and counter UAV systems using streaming RTC CCTV/IOT EDGE devices. Policing and Counter Terrorism capability, including covert surveillance. Secure communications for all IP networks, applications and content/media using intelligence (ML/AI) over multi-layers and bringing in all standard protocols for today and tomorrow’s standards via a module drag and drop dealing with Metaverse inter-op. This extends to provide Critical National Infrastructure Protection across the Core and EDGE.

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