Command Management Data in Transit Cyber Defence

Tactical communications go further today by using wireless LTE/4G/5G and in the future 6G networks management and secure communications with new types of devices in surveillance and combat field operations. Key success factors of providing a Anytime, Anywhere, on Any IP Device capability is adopting a NEW native any cloud secure architecture that takes the OSI-7-Layer stack and deploys intelligence within IP connectivity, applications and content/media for all IP data in transit. UM-Labs R&D has a guiding principle for success, which is to give each battlefield participant the secured IP pre-processed information they need in order for them to make the best use of it during the execution of their mission, but secure from data in transit cyber-attacks or injections. In this sense, the battlefield is a digitized space where it needs to be possible to collect all the necessary data (some coming from the battlefield, others from elsewhere, e.g., mainland Forces), allow for it to be processed and make it available across the networks, with the EDGE compute at new higher levels of security, encrypted up to Quantum Safe Cryptography. See Live at Milipol 2023, November , Paris.

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