TECH UK supports the need for Data in Transit/Motion security and has awarded a finalist position for UM-Labs R&D UNICUS in their Cyber Innovation Den.

UM Labs R&D and partners such as ATOS (Mission Critical), KPN, AWS APN, AZURE OCP have partnered to deliver advanced cybersecurity for SIP based applications and services. The session initiation protocol (SIP) runs on IP networks and powers the next generation of real-time unified communications services.

“KPN NGSS as a service’ based upon the UM-LABS R&D technology will be available to all KPN Enterprise Market customers for Data in Transit RTC Cyber Security which is now a huge challenge for our customers and it provides a valuable over the top service, enabling detection and blocking of fraudulent voice, video and instant messaging calls, while protecting both our customers and their own bottom line” said Johan Camps-Director of Consulting at KPN Enterprise Market.

The need for data protection is well understood and is reinforced by regulations such as GDPR. However, attention is focused on static information assets, information held in databases and processed by ERP/CRM/SAP systems and other applications. Data processing in most businesses involves communication, increasingly over IP networks. The European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) specifically include information transmission over all Unified Communications, telephony, video, Video, IM, presence, CCTV Video,IOT systems (such as platforms from Microsoft Teams, Cisco Web-EX/Spark, Mitel, Unify, Kandy (by Ribbon), Zoom, Fuze ) including IP based services in their definition of data processing. This means that the requirements of GDPR, NIS, California Consumer 2018(2020) and Singapore Data Protection ACT  and other regulations apply equally to data-in-transit/motion over those networks and to more traditional forms of data processing.

More recently the fact that almost everyone appears to be using their smartphone for UC calls, means a huge attack surface has been opened up and much of this comes open to attack with LTE (4G and 5G) using SIP to make calls (VoLTE and ViLTE) from a SIP plane which is open. UNICUS UOS ensures a very high security of data exchange over the air (voice and data) through introduction of additional layer of encryption (HSM, Mikey Ticket, AES256 etc) to fight potential interception attempts. UNICUS UOS as a service will enable secure communication within a specific location or across the complete communication network.

“With UM-Labs R&D we are building a full and integrated real-time IP communication solution, to bring secure and encrypted connectivity to all Unified Communications platforms through our Hoox Services application and devices. This offer will be provided in a “Platform as a service” model or integrated in a corporate private cloud as needed, and will strengthen our customer’s compliance & risk management in alignment with EU & US Directives” says Chris Moret, Vice President Cybersecurity at Atos.

UM-Labs R&D working to deliver the most advanced encrypted secure inter-op (Tetra, LTE) to Mobile devices, desktop UC systems and all within ENISA guidelines.

Peter Cox (inventor at UM-Labs R&D) spent the day educating TECH UK members as to some of the multi-level attacks and showed in real-time how these destroy business and organisation flows.

SNITCH Attack Intelligence   +++  91,788 attacks from, location United States    +++  13,132 attacks from, location United States    +++  499 attacks from, location Poland    +++  350 attacks from, location United States    +++  116 attacks from, location United States    +++  New attack source, United States,     +++  New attack source, France,     +++  New attack source, Hong Kong,  
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