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Peter Cox deals with the issue of Legal Intercept and GDPR regulation in regards to protecting Real-Time Communications and the collaboration being done with ATOS Bull.

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Call Fraud momentum continues and the solution unfolds with a NEW Service from UM-Labs R&D and ITSPA called 'SNITCH'ITSPA_r2_c1.gif UM-Labs R&D collaborating to deliver the service and technology answers. Peter Cox inventor at UM-Labs R&D leads the way at Summit Convergence and  earlier at Osborne Clarke's offices in London Wall.

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The UM Labs Real-Time UC Security Layer OS provides facilities which directly enable many of the operational measures in the ENISA guidelines and which support some of the organisational measures. The following campaign is one of many that shows how the UM Labs Cyber Security OS can be used to support the implementation of the ENISA guidelines.


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