UM Labs
London, 5th-7th-San Francisco 2019 – UM-LABS R&D, a leader in RTC Cyber Security UOS (Unicus TM) for Real-time communications (RTC) announced today the extension of SNITCH to combat major international call fraud. Fraudulent calls are a growing problem particularly with the increasing number of IP based phone services and the growing installed base of Unified Communication (UC) services. The cost of a single fraud attack can exceed $400,000, with a global loss running at $29.6billion.

“Fraudulent activity is one of the many security threats facing IP based real-time communication services. The technology used in ‘SNITCH’ compliments our RTC Cybersecurity technology and provides a complete security package benefiting both service providers and enterprises” said Peter Cox- CEO and inventor at UM Labs R&D.

To control this growing problem, UM Labs R&D have launched ‘SNITCH’ (Suspicious Numbering in Telephony Call Handling) as a service that can be used by law enforcement and Telecom providers. ‘SNITCH’ is a real-time communications database, recording details of successful and attempted fraudulent calls and making that information available as a resource to detect and block fraudulent calls in networks, IPPBX systems and UC platforms. The information in the ‘SNITCH’ database includes details of attempted fraudulent calls on live systems and data collected by a number of global ‘honeypots’ designed to attract and detect fraudulent activity.

SNITCH forms a clear path to keeping RTC Cyber Security compliant as part of the collaboration and partnerships UM-Labs R&D have developed over the design and innovation using Unicus TM UOS.


“The risk that GDPR will present to organizations when it takes effect in May 2018 will be significant, and having the ability to access, understand and control information of all types will be paramount to managing that risk,” said Joe Garber, vice president, Information Management and Governance at Micro Focus. “The missing piece of content to be properly captured, processed, analysed, accessed and stored in the Information Management ecosphere is voice and audio communications. We’re thrilled to be tackling this growing problem with UM-LABS R&D.” 

With UM-Labs we are building a full and integrated real-time IP communication solution, to bring secure and encrypted connectivity to all Unified Communications platforms through our Hoox application and devices. This offer could be provided in a “Platform as a service” model or integrated in a corporate private cloud as needed and will strengthen our customer’s compliance & risk management in alignment with EU & US Directives” says Chris Moret, Vice President Cybersecurity at ATOS. 

“KPN NGSS as a service’ based upon the UM-LABS technology will be available to all KPN Enterprise Market customers for Data in Transit RTC Cyber Security which is now a huge challenge for our customers and it provides a valuable over the top service, enabling detection and blocking of fraudulent voice, video and instant messaging calls, while protecting both our customers and their own bottom line” said Johan Camps-Director of Consulting at KPN Enterprise Market.