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AS Emergency Services Network wakes up to the issue of Data in Transit Cyber Attacks, UM-Labs R&D delivers with partners ATOS.

Wednesday, 28th August 2019 | Posted in: News

Hoox for mission natively integrates cybersecurity in compliance with the critical communication requirements of missions in the field and at ESN bases. The entire communication chain is secure: Protection of the device against intrusion (physical and remote hacking) Protection from communication interceptions (voice, data, position) Compliant Secured applications Hoox for mission ensures high resilience of communication through: The reinforcement of the availability of public networks through multi-operator capacities The provision…

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Fraudsters getting smarter

Monday, 12th August 2019 | Posted in: Blog

Call fraud is a problem that all phone systems face. Moving service delivery to IP networks enables fraudsters to use automated tools to identify vulnerable systems  and to exploit those systems by making fraudulent calls, leaving the victim organisation to meet the cost. UM Labs in conjunction with ITSPA developed SNITCH to combat call fraud.  SNITCH identifies the sources of fraudulent calls enabling UM Labs R&D’  Unicus UOS to protect systems…

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