UM Labs

Hoox for mission natively integrates cybersecurity in compliance with the critical communication requirements of missions in the field and at ESN bases.

The entire communication chain is secure:

  • Protection of the device against intrusion (physical and remote hacking)
  • Protection from communication interceptions (voice, data, position)
  • Compliant Secured applications

Hoox for mission ensures high resilience of communication through:

  • The reinforcement of the availability of public networks through multi-operator capacities
  • The provision of private local and public LTE (5G and 4G)
  • The ability to use three communication channels: public network, private LTE and device-to-device communication. The solution can switch automatically and with no delay from a communication channel to another.
  • Full end to end encryption via Hoox HSP (Unicus UOS from UM-Labs R&D)
  • Complete end to end security across any cloud (Unicus UOS from UM-Labs R&D)
  • Replaces Tetra in Emergency Services Networks, but migrates using a SIP Gateway and secure for evolved switch over via Unicus UOS, known as HSP (Hoox security platform.)

Optimal usability With Hoox for mission, Atos combines all advantages of civilian LTE (5G and 4G) with tactical communication requirements.

Personnel on the ground have access to standards smartphone features:

  • Secure sharing of rich data: photos, videos, and other data-intensive communication;
  • Customized mission specific applications developed for you;

Hoox for mission adds standard critical communications features to a smartphone:

  • Push-to-talk
  • VoLTE (voice)
  • ViLTE (video)
  • Team position sharing (blue force tracking)
  • Multi-level cyber security protecting network, application and content.

Complete Data in Transit RTC Cyber Security, protection for all SIP Trunking, multi-level protection, AI up and down stream, man in the middle attack security, full HSM encryption and adopting Mikey Ticket.