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SIP Security Podcast with UC Today

Thursday, 28th November 2019 | Posted in: Blog

Peter Cox, UM Labs CEO discusses the need for SIP Security with Patrick Watson of UC Today. Listen to the podcast here.

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TECH UK supports the need for Data in Transit/Motion security and has awarded a finalist position for UM-Labs R&D UNICUS in their Cyber Innovation Den.

Thursday, 14th November 2019 | Posted in: News

UM Labs R&D and partners such as ATOS (Mission Critical), KPN, AWS APN, AZURE OCP have partnered to deliver advanced cybersecurity for SIP based applications and services. The session initiation protocol (SIP) runs on IP networks and powers the next generation of real-time unified communications services. “KPN NGSS as a service’ based upon the UM-LABS R&D technology will be available to all KPN Enterprise Market customers for Data in Transit…

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