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Regulatory requirements- Most IT professionals are familiar with GDPR and related regulations, normally in the context of protecting information- Peter Cox, CEO and Founder of UM Labs, explores VoIP/UC and messaging systems and explains why organisations need to ensure high levels of security around data-in-transit, warning that failure to do so may lead to GDPR compliance issues.

Delivery of technology IP-based RTC services may be delivered by either proprietary or standardised protocols. The dominant standard protocols are the session initiation protocol (SIP) and the real time transport protocol (RTP); both are needed to deliver audio and video calls. A third protocol, session description protocol (SDP) is used by SIP to set up RTP media sessions. All three protocols are defined in RFC documents published by the IETF, the body managing internet standards. The use of these standards is widespread.

• Many business phone systems, and virtually all new systems are IP-based. Vendors such as Avaya, Cisco and Mitel provide IP-based systems, built using standardised protocols, for business use.

• Unified communication (UC) such as Microsoft Teams is growing in popularity and relies on the same standards.

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