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UM-Labs R&D News Update 2020/21

Tuesday, 19th January 2021 | Posted in: Blog

Covid-19 has triggered an increase in the use of Internet based real-time communication technology as working-from-home becomes the new normal. There is a wide choice of applications using either standard or proprietary protocols. Using any of these applications without adequate security controls significantly increases the risk of a security breach compromising data confidentiality. The complexity of the protocols driving these RTC services heightens the risk. Threats exist at multiple levels,…

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The UK MOD have been working with partners to achieve a faster innovative process to procurement.

Thursday, 14th January 2021 | Posted in: Blog

UM-Labs R&D have been party to the UK MOD initiative to improve and gain from faster innovative technology designs and as a UK Research company, who are specialising in advanced Data in Transit Cyber Security for Defence and Mission Critical environments, now being implemented globally, being part of this will help speed up action against Cyber attacks on all data in transit. TECH UK has been the conduit to bring…

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