UM-Labs R&D joins the DSTL Cyber Security Programme Industry & Academic Showcase

This is an opportunity to come to meet and hear from the majority of the Industry and Academic partners currently working alongside Dstl delivering underpinning Cyber Security research for the Ministry Of Defence.


Recognising the growing need to protect from data in transit Cyber-attacks on live streaming video to and from body-worn cameras, static surveillance cameras and cameras on vehicles, drones and other mobile platforms, UM Labs has designed and implemented Unicus™ SVSS. This design can be an umbrella service or embedded in a product that implements layered cyber security controls to protect real-time data in transit communications (such as voice and video steaming services running on all IP networks using any recognised standards). The SVSS service runs on the Unicus™ UOS, a cloud native zero trust security platform, providing a multi-layer intelligent (ML/AI) attack management PIA process (protect, intercept, archive) and in a secure foundation to implement the controls needed to protect surveillance and all surveillance cameras from attack. The SVSS design includes both Core and Edge components. The Core is provided as a complete system running in a public or private cloud. The Edge implements a subset of the Core security controls and is implemented on a small-scale system, for example a smart-phone, connected to the surveillance camera over a personal area network, or is integrated into the surveillance camera or other device using the UM Labs Edge Toolkit. Edge devices are controlled by the Core which provides an interface to configure the device and any associated cameras. The Core also provides real-time monitoring of video and audio feeds, can link to a camera management system, and provided optional long-term archiving of feeds.

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