Richard Swale a Telecom Visionary joins UM-Labs R&D advisory board.

UM-Labs R&D, the UK based research and design group, are leaders in enabling data in transit cyber security across all IP networks, application and content/media layers, with a clear design that is built to deal with the 21st century real-time communications infrastructures and the complexity of cyber-attacks now being seen across the globe in any given day. Today’s IP data networks need to deliver higher margins and cost savings from cyber secured RTC services, inclusive of EDGE IOT devices such as the increasingly used CCTV, Drones and Bodycams making the cyber-attack surface extremely large. UM-Labs R&D have today announced the formation of its advisory board, to be made up of prominent members of the communications and systems integration industries.

Joining today, Richard Swale (Founder- D-BIT Technology Consulting) a leading industry expert in Voice Systems and Solutions in the IP world. Network Architect, designer and project manager who draws on decades of experience in the communications industry, he has led and scoped the definition and design while procuring and delivering key innovations in UK and Global Communications Services infrastructure. While at BT research, he was the lead behind the move from SS7 voice into IP voice networks, and again with global players such as Liberty, used his knowledge and expertise of core network disaster recovery and business continuity, building out design and infrastructure across LATAM and the Caribbean. Richard has been at the forefront of defining and managing professional engineering services, creating and leading international standards development and directing network research activities incorporating technology assessment based on innovative designs.


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