UM-Labs Scientists engage with the IOT Security Foundation.

UM-Labs R&D considers that the work its scientists have completed and now built into a ‘by design’ data in transit cyber security defence operating system for real-time communications a revolutionary transition and has opened up research areas in the defence field of IP telecommunications with flexible and responsive technology that was basically non-existent before.

 While UM-Labs R&D original goal was real-time communications that included person-to-person and person to many audio communications of voice/video/messaging to have end to end safety, using all standards from the OSI-7-Layer stack, today’s networks needs greater intelligence and PIA (protect, intercept, archive) policy by design capabilities and these are considered to be crucial in defence from attacks.  

Peer-to-Peer, Machine-to-Machine, IOT Vehicle-to-Vehicle, Drone/CCTV/Bodycam and IOT Industrial Metaverse is using the Internet Protocols, but the applications are beginning to now use a large share of all IP levels of network resources, which is why the evolution of the UNICUS operating system and Native Cloud platform in deployments across any IP networks (4.9G/LTE/5G/Wi-Fi6/SIP Trunking/Broadband/LoRa, RedCap) makes the work done so far (as well in war zone footings-Ukraine) the proof point of these user cases by applications and services based on all defence RTC principles is crucial and advanced now from UM-Labs R&D UK.

Security over heterogeneous networks today are not controlled by a single entity and do not adhere to uniform security policies. The UM-Labs R&D framework and paradigm to address the security needs of applications running on heterogeneous networks that use multiple technologies and multiple domains is now available (from collaboration partners) as an overlay service or embedded in all IP IOT EDGE devices and under UM-Labs R&D licenced platform at the EDGE and has been needed by major defence/law enforcement organisations-live now.

We are proud that UM-Labs R&D scientists (combined across three countries) have made huge advancements in helping secure all real-time data in transit communications end to end, using up to Quantum Safe Encryption for secret and intelligence (ML/AI) between any standard protocol, application or content/media standard brought into the Unicus RTC, SVSS, IOT and EDGE platform running across any IP network from any cloud, with Zero-Trust deployments.

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