Healthcare has suffered another data breach impacting an estimated 2.5 million people.

Data breaches have been on the rise for a number of years, and sadly, this trend isn’t slowing down. The last year or so has been littered with thefts of sensitive information. Data breaches have affected companies and organizations of all shapes, sizes, and sectors, and they’re costing businesses millions in damages.

Data In Transit attacks are now huge as they occur when any data is passed over an IP network, IP application or interference with IP content/media. The existing legacy attempts to provide protection, interception, archive storing (PIA Policy) are not dealing with this every increasing problem. Industries such as all the NIS compliant ones, (oil and gas, health, emergency services, policing, finance and Defence) are not able to provide an end to end PIA design and together with the new issue that Quantum Computing will unlock encryption from today, tomorrow.

An overlay CORE NATIVE CLOUD service or embedded EDGE system on a chip for IOT devices is now available, it can be licenced from UM-Labs R&D and implemented by one of of our chosen Collaboration Partners. We will see you in 2024 for further show and tell, with more from our scientists (UK, Ukraine, Czech Republic) in the development of the UNICUS UOS standards based platform.

SNITCH Attack Intelligence   +++  2,419,195 attacks from, location United States    +++  1,551,989 attacks from, location Germany    +++  72,212 attacks from, location The Netherlands    +++  3,561 attacks from, location United States    +++  New attack source, Poland,     +++  New attack source, United States,     +++  New attack source, United States,     +++  New attack source, United States,  
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