Riding the Waves of the Digital Revolution Securing National a Digital Policing Strategy by 2025-UM-Labs R&D supporting

20th April through to the 14th June 2021. UM-Labs R&D supporting through innovation of security by design, covering all aspects of Real-Time Communications Cyber Security and data in transit security with PIA policy by design.

Cityforum has held six annual Digital Policing Summits.  Following this event, with its considerable number of action proposals, we have been invited to arrange a group of virtual discussions on securing a National Digital Policing Strategy by 2025.  The National Enabling Police program are particularly keen that this set of events should focus on what is deliverable if the police, the wider public sector, politicians, officials and industry experts can work out how to be successful in ‘Riding the Waves of the Digital Revolution’. The intention is to point to performance improvements that satisfy both the police service and the general public by using the rich vein of R&D within the UK.

UM-Labs R&D an innovative group that has created and designed UNICUS UOS and SNITCH Call Fraud global discovery, shows how a cloud native hardened platform can help provide an umbrella RTC security as a service across policing and defence operations.

Determination of fault through video evidence can eliminate or reduce court compensation, higher insurance costs, and exonerate the everyday driver as well as bodycam in a law enforcement environment. These capabilities are powering a 29% growth in video solution shipments by 2026, generating revenues exceeding US$8 billion, according to a new report by global tech market advisory firm ABI Research.

The security is 99% of the time and after thought!

Cityforum(Virtual) A Cityforum Policing Series – Riding the Waves of the Digital Revolution – Cityforum

Advanced Data in Transit Cyber security covering IOT camera PIA Policy.

SNITCH Attack Intelligence   +++  1,573,396 attacks from, location Germany    +++  1,096,051 attacks from, location Finland    +++  365,843 attacks from, location Singapore    +++  20,981 attacks from, location Finland    +++  19,746 attacks from, location India    +++  14,922 attacks from, location Finland    +++  5,302 attacks from, location Czechia    +++  1,287 attacks from, location United States  
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