UM-Labs R&D News Update 2020/21

Covid-19 has triggered an increase in the use of Internet based real-time communication technology as working-from-home becomes the new normal. There is a wide choice of applications using either standard or proprietary protocols. Using any of these applications without adequate security controls significantly increases the risk of a security breach compromising data confidentiality. The complexity of the protocols driving these RTC services heightens the risk. Threats exist at multiple levels, content, application, and network. Addressing these threats requires an integrated approach identifying and correlating countermeasures across all three layers.

 With over 500 different versions of IPPBX for voice calling from all the well known manufacturers, it is clear that now added in the mix is IP based Unified Communications such as MS Teams, Unify, Cisco Spark, Zoom, Slack, Go To Meeting, 8X8, RingCentral and so on, all of which must be secured against data in transit hacking, as home working is now very much about video as well as audio, as well as instant messaging and presence, to extend from Wi-Fi to 4/5G to SIP Trunking or just broadband, even satellite, the multi-level attacks are in play.

To extend all use Session Initiation Protocol, TCP, RTP, SRTP, WebRTC, RSTP, “ONVIS” in inter-op, without a cyber security by design, until now!

SNITCH Attack Intelligence   +++  1,295,910 attacks from, location Finland    +++  375,884 attacks from, location Singapore    +++  48,865 attacks from, location Lithuania    +++  37,617 attacks from, location Lithuania    +++  14,953 attacks from, location France    +++  12,249 attacks from, location Netherlands    +++  4,344 attacks from, location Ireland    +++  262 attacks from, location United States  
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