SNITCH (Suspicious Numbering In Telephony Call Handing)

Global Discovery database which shows IP Call Fraud happening in real-time.

SNITCH, Suspicious Numbering In Telephony Call Handing, is a real-time intelligence gathering and sharing service designed and operated by UM Labs R&D. The intelligence gathered by SNITCH helps address the problem of cyber attacks on Internet based real-time communication (RTC) services including VoIP and video/UC calls.

SNITCH operates by collecting data on malicious attacks on RTC services from a series on honeypots running in cloud services in locations around the world. SNITCH identifies the sources of suspicious activity making that data available through a shared database and a flexible API. On average SNITCH detects over 4 million attacks per day and currently hold details of over 2.5 billion attacks.

Used in combination with Unicus™, SNITCH is particularly effective at detecting and blocking fraudulent call attacks. The global annual cost of call fraud is estimated at over $30 billion. A single successful attack can leave the victim with a phone bill exceeding $100,000.

SNITCH Attack Intelligence   +++  1,750,887 attacks from, location Finland    +++  272,502 attacks from, location Singapore    +++  79,511 attacks from, location France    +++  51,442 attacks from, location Romania    +++  10,382 attacks from, location Germany    +++  7,545 attacks from, location France    +++  1,471 attacks from, location United Kingdom    +++  349 attacks from, location France  
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