The UK MOD have been working with partners to achieve a faster innovative process to procurement.

UM-Labs R&D have been party to the UK MOD initiative to improve and gain from faster innovative technology designs and as a UK Research company, who are specialising in advanced Data in Transit Cyber Security for Defence and Mission Critical environments, now being implemented globally, being part of this will help speed up action against Cyber attacks on all data in transit. TECH UK has been the conduit to bring this together and today the ‘Code of Practice’ is announced, together with the company signatures who have signed up to the code.

MOD statement:-  ” The MOD’s Defence Digital Service Delivery & Operations (SDO) organisation and the Defence technology industry are collectively keen to identify opportunities for a more collaborative approach to the transaction of business, and to move away from an adversarial approach to MOD-supplier relations, as has been the case in previous years. Both parties agree that changing behaviours and the dynamics of the relationship will deliver benefits to all concerned and will engender a more trusted business environment. ”

UNICUStm  UOS now implemented in a number of key defence and government departments delivered as a service via any cloud (native private, public and hybrid) partners, is a unique and leading innovative multi-level security by design, meeting all of the PIA (protect, intercept, archive) policies, fully compliant and Cert approved.

techUK Defence Digital – Code of Practice Signatories_

techUK Defence Commercial Business Forum – Collaboration Code of Practice_ (002)

SNITCH Attack Intelligence   +++  22,790,470 attacks from, location United States    +++  10,675,496 attacks from, location United States    +++  1,101,827 attacks from, location Finland    +++  366,135 attacks from, location Singapore    +++  32,308 attacks from, location France    +++  22,192 attacks from, location Finland    +++  2,440 attacks from, location Canada    +++  609 attacks from, location France  
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