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Since their market debut in the early 1990s, enterprise firewalls have formed the backbone of the security defences of most enterprises. It is therefore no surprise that the global enterprise firewall market is predicted to hit $8.41 Billion by 2019 (MarketsandMarkets™).

What may be more surprising is that the market for application specific cyber security products and services is more than twice the size of the enterprise firewall market. The web and email security markets alone are projected to over $20 Billion.

  • Web Security: $4.4 Billion by 2020 (Statistica)
  • Email Security: $18 Billion by 2023 (Market Watch)

Estimating the size of the market for VoIP and UC products and services is more difficult as few analysts focus on this sector. However  Future Market Insight estimate that the total market for VoIP services will reach $205 Billion by 2020 with approximately 10% accounted for by computer-to-computer  applications.

Assuming a conservative 10% of the $205 Billion is spent on Cyber Security, this places the VoIP security market at $20 Billion, ahead of both the enterprise firewall market and even the email security market.

Given the complexity of the security threats facing VoIP services, this may be an under estimate.